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First Learning Trajectories activity completed!

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Learning Trajectories has completed its first Learning/Teaching/Training activity. On 21-23 October 2021, partners of the Learning Trajectories project and their teams gathered in Lyon, France for a 3-day training activity focusing on their mentoring practices. The 10 participants also took part in IETM’s conference which was part of the concept of the training activity.

This training event was conceived as the first part of a two-led training open to the team members, board members and interns of the 4 Learning Trajectories partner organisations. Conceived as a mapping exercise of methodologies and stakeholders, the training programme analysed sources of information used by participants, their approach towards transversal and sector-specific issues they address in their mentorships, the preparation steps they put into place, etc.

Our objectives were achieved and led to very positive results:

  • Knowledge circulation among the partnership with regards to working methods as well as relevant (re)sources to identify and circulate
  • Upgrading the quality of internal processes when preparing mentorships and getting inspiration from peers with regards to the preparation and implementation of internationalisation programmes
  • Test alternative methodologies for building, updating and circulating information packages for mentees, especially when trying to apply value-driven programmes
  • Access relevant first-hand contacts and knowledge from IETM conference and Lyon visit
  • Ensure the relevance of IOs preliminary formats and contents outlined by the partners, for example to verify the level of details needed for each of them.

The partners would like to thank all participants, contributors and collaborators for their efforts.

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