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Learning Trajectories completes its first Multiplier Event

On Monday 28 March 2022 (13:45-16:15), as part of the Learning Trajectories project supported by the Erasmus+ programme, FACE (France) organised a first Multiplier Event (ME) in Paris, France, to promote the project, disseminate the Intellectual Outputs (IOs) and exchange with culture and education stakeholders.

Our local host was the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris is today the largest artist residency centre in the world, having hosted 22,000 French and international artists since its creation. Its ideal location in the heart of Paris is an added value for artists and culture professionals to interact with the cultural scene of the French capital, and it makes the Cité an important hub in the cultural landscape of Paris and internationally. Cité welcomes on average 1,100 artists from 100 countries in 326 studios every year. The Cité hosts artists and culture professionals from all disciplines for residencies lasting between 2 and 12 months.

The ME fully demonstrated the relevance of the Learning Trajectories outcomes and how the mentors and organisers previously accounted with the project took on board all methodologies suggested and redesigned their training programmes targeting artists and cultural professionals.

As originally foreseen, the communication effort targeted:

  • Staff from public and private intermediary organisations developing internationalisation mentoring programmes,
  • Mentors and trainers of European or international intermediary organisations providing expertise to cultural managers, producers and artists,
  • Cultural managers, producers and artists seeking to develop their capacity and ability to operate transnationally,
  • Networks and platforms who support the international capacity of their members and beneficiaries.

A total of 60 participatns took part in the event. Learning Trajectories would like to thank its partners, participants, contributors and collaborators for their excellent work and efforts.

See our results page for access to the finished handbooks and additional resources:

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