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Learning Trajectories completes its series of Multiplier Events in Malmö

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Learning Trajectories has completed its fourth and final Multiplier Event, held in Malmö, Sweden, on the 7th and 8th of September 2022. The event was in collaboration with the City of Malmö (within its scope of becoming a European Capital of Culture candidate city), Trans Europe Halles and Malmö Live.

The event took place in Malmö because it is the city with the highest concentration of arts and culture professionals in Sweden. Its geographic location attracts many international operators and the cultural infrastructure is well-developed, which the partners felt was an important factor for our final multiplier event. It was an excellent opportunity to disseminate the results of our project and reach multiple layers of our target groups and intended beneficiaries.

All Learning Trajectories partners were represented and had various roles within the programme, making sure that we gathered as much in-person information as possible, both from the plenary and group sessions.

The programme was designed in a way that allowed participants to share their thoughts and give feedback consistently throughout the programme. The group sessions were reported back in plenary sessions, and our conference rapporteurs gave a consolidated picture at the end of the programme. This has confirmed our perception that Learning Trajectories is an important contribution to the sustainable future of the cultural and creative sectors.

A total of 130 participants took part in the event. Learning Trajectories would like to thank its partners, participants, contributors and collaborators for their excellent work and efforts.

See our results page for access to the finished handbooks and additional resources:

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