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Second Learning Trajectories traning activity completed

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Learning Trajectories has completed its second Learning/Teaching/Training activity. On 9-11 December 2021, partners of the Learning Trajectories project and their teams gathered in Paris, France for a 3-day training activity focusing on their mentoring practices. 12 participants took part in an intensive programme designed to test the methodology at the core of the project’s main goal.

This training event was conceived as the second part of a two-leg training open to the team members, board members and interns of the 4 Learning Trajectories partner organisations. Conceived as a collective design exercise, the 3-day gathering made the most of the European practices to imagine concrete and innovative professional development programmes focusing on the internationalization of careers.

The event was conceived using two formats: a study-visit to meet key organisations which developed

international career development programmes and better understand their goals, methods, time frame, budget, scale and assessment; also a training with collective discussions to imagine (new) programmes and/or strengthen the ones already carried out by partners.

Group discussions helped to gradually design a full-flesh programme: this exercise allowed to identify all the key elements of a learning trajectory and the phases that artists and cultural professionals usually go through when entering such programme. The participants worked on the traditional phases (i.e. initial diagnostic, collective and individual mentoring, remote and face-to-face work, etc.) but also management aspects (e.g. budget, selection of participants, planning, communication and dissemination, management of external experts and end-users, evaluation, etc).

Our objectives were achieved and led to the generation of new knowledge:

  • Knowledge circulation among the partnership in regard to working methods
  • Exchanging on the different situations and stakes surrounding the international mobility experiences (e.g. exploratory trips looking at co-creation initiatives, participation to fairs and showcases, international distribution of cultural products)
  • Upgrading the quality of implementation phases of internationalisation programmes
  • Fine-tune mentorships’ contents (e.g. mandatory and optional elements, use of external experts, transversal and tailor-made elements, calls for participation, selection criteria, etc.)
  • Access relevant first-hand contacts and knowledge

The Learning Trajectories partners would like to thank all participants, contributors, facilitators and collaborators for their efforts.

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